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To be

Have got


Okresy warunkowe

Czasowniki modalne

  • can
  • could
  • must
  • should
  • may

Liczebniki nieokreślone

  • some, any, much, many, a few, a lot of, a little


  • a, an, the
  • How long...?, for, since
  • will, going to
  • as ... as, too, enough
  • must, mustn't, needn't


  • listy
  • porównywanie i ocenianie
  • ankieta

Stopniowanie przymiotników

Przyimki kierunku

  • onto, off, into, out of, past, from, to, over, through, along, across, up, down, towards, under, away from

Przyimki miejsca

  • in, on, under, behind, next to/besides, near, opposite, in fron of, between, at

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